Who are we?

okshowmehow (formerly eightandtwo) was founded by Sean Kuriyan and Will Friebel. We've always been excited about learning shortcuts and faster ways to do things. We get really excited when we discover new technology and love to share our new learnings with others. We consider ourselves life-long learners and are always open to new ways of doing things.

Sean Kuriyan

Founder & CEO

Sean has been teaching people to use technology as early as when he was 10. Quite often, he finds himself the go-to person to solve technical issues. You'll often find him geeking out about the latest tech news and product announcements or working on an over-engineered home automation project.

He has conducted multiple training sessions throughout his career, training coworkers, employees and clients on a wide range of software. In addition to running eightandtwo, he also is the Founder and CEO of Intuition to Insights LLC.

Will Friebel


Will was a high school teacher for 6 years. He would make it a point to begin all of his courses with a unit on basic computer use to ensure all his students had a good baseline for computer use. He got interested in tech and taught himself to code.

He is now working as a software engineer at a major tech company but still loves to teach and is passionate about education.